Postdoctoral Scholars
We welcome any motivated scientists who have already defended their PhD thesis in a wide variety of fields (physics, mechanical engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, microbiology...). The important aspect is to be interested in the Science that we do;-) We do not have specific funding for a postdoctoral researcher at the moment, but there are multiple funding agencies out there and if you are interested in what we do we would be happy to work with you on an application. So if you have personal funding or would be interested in writing an application to come to our lab, contact us at nicolas@mechano-micro-biology.org.

Graduate Students
We are affiliated to The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. We can receive students from the Biochemistry, Biology (Subprogram Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) and Physics programs. All students that would like to join the lab and are not part of these programs are encouraged to apply to them. We are currently recruiting Graduate students (Spring 2020)

Masters Students
We welcome Masters students from the Brooklyn College Biology and Physics Masters Program. A previous experience with microbiology and microscopy will be considered a plus. We are unfortunately not recruiting Masters student at this time (Spring 2020).

Undergraduate Students
We welcome all motivated, inquisitive, resourceful undergraduate students enrolled at Brooklyn College. We will take students from all majors (maybe with a little bias towards biology and physics) who can articulate why they would like to join this particular lab and ready to dedicate a minimum of 2 years of their college experience to being a member of our lab community. We are currently recruiting undergraduate students (Spring 2020).